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The Van Hout Group has developed from a small family company into a worldwide operating business in which sustainability and corporate social responsibility are ground principles.

The Van Hout Group comprises several companies that specialize in the following activities:

• Trading of Ferro and non- Ferro metals
• Recycling of all kinds of ground-and synthetic cables
• Recycling of electro scrap and electronics
• Dismantling of transformers and generators (when needed on location)
• Flotation of heavy metals and mixed metals
• Recycling of Ferro and non-Ferro metals by means of sorting, cutting and pressing
• Recycling of non-Ferro waste and residue from the chemical and petro-chemical industry

The trading and production companies are located both in Europe as well as in Asia.
Hong Kong, China and Thailand are leading.
All companies possess the required permits and certificates.

The Van Hout Group invests permanently in growth. Growth in quality, knowledge,
environmental care and innovation. The Group is financially sound. Innovation is always the keyword. We deploy production processes and means
in such a way that all metal containing waste is re-usable in the industry after recycling/processing.

The Van Hout Group is a reliable trading partner, ready for the future!!